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The luxury most people hiring for companies have today is the ability to find a large pool of candidates for limited job offers. This has been made possible mainly due to innovative ways in which people are using the internet. Today a simple Google search of people looking for jobs will come up with hundreds if not thousands of CVs. Visit their website to learn more.

However, even with the seeming availability of job applicants, those looking to do executive recruitment have more work to do. They have the task of hiring people that will be decision makers of the company so they want to exercise caution. Any hiring manager will find the following tips helpful when they are looking to hire people to fill executive positions.
Avoid superstars
Your company has goals that it needs to achieve and possibly a business plan that has to be followed if these goals are to be achieved. Superstars are the people who have made a name in their industry in senior management roles. These people come with huge experience behind them and they may not be ready to take time to understand the new organization. The problem with hiring a superstar is because people assume they have all the answers. Also the superstars themselves may not be ready to admit that there are things they need to learn since they know everyone is looking up to them. Then again, a superstar may just be in your company as a stepping stone. They may just want to add more to their already blossoming credentials before moving on to the next big thing.
Hire Specialists
When you go out to hire executives, look out for people who have the skills needed to take the company to its vision. You want to recruit people with the right talent that will help your company achieve its business plan. New recruits should have all the right sets of skills that will enable them achieve the expected output when it comes to promoting company strategy. The hiring stage is when you as a hiring manager should be clear about the expectations of the company on the new recruit. Trying to be evasive during interviews will only lead to complications down the road. The last thing you want is for your new executive always guessing about what is expected of them.
Try to measure their intelligence levels
Executives are expected to deliver and to do this they have to be able to think strategically before coming up with answers. To test the intelligence level of a candidate, thehiring manager gives them a problem and asks how they will solve such problem if it ever confronted them. The goal here is to determine their logical thinking and presentation of ideas.
The process of executive recruitment could go longer than when recruiting for junior roles in the organization. This is because you want to be sure you are getting the right person who may be entrusted with decision making powers that may affect the company positively or negatively. Some other things to keep in mind include;
Talking less and let the candidate do most of the talking
Asking open ended questions before presenting the company
Mention checking references during interview